The Wilde Ride for 11/26/18

These candles smell like, and will help restore, our nation’s parks.  I love this idea… and I bet they smell amazing! 

Big Sur Coastal Redwood Candle | Parks Project | National Park Candles
Parks Project

Could dimming the sun be the cure for global warming? Not everyone thinks so. 

Are you addicted to lip balm like I am? Using it constantly isn’t good for our lips. (I don’t care… I’m still using it!) 

Woman Putting Lipstick

The latest in self care is “cow cuddling.” It’s supposed to make you more mindful and happy. 

Woman Wearing Floral Dress Holding Cattle Near Trees

Elon Musk smoking pot with Joe Rogan on his podcast might has amused his fans, but there’s one group of people not amused – NASA. They’re now doing a safety review of Space X. 

These new wine bottles just won an award for packaging and you’re going to start seeing them around more.

Garçon Wines

We’re in the homestretch of 2018… this is the last week of November! Where does the time go? See ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer 

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