The Wilde Ride for 11/30/18

Margaret Atwood is working on a sequel to her novel “Handmaid’s Tail” which will be out next year. 

People name their kids weird names. But this grown woman made it her mission to make fun of a little girl as much as possible. Rude!

What do you think of this? It’s just the top half of the Christmas tree – perfect for people with kids and pets (or those who just need a lot of space under the tree.)

If I still had little kids I’d be buying one of them this for Christmas. Scruff-A-Luvs teach kids about adopting instead of shopping for pets. And it’s becoming hard to find them.

Have a fab Friday and a fantastic weekend! <3 Jennifer 

The Wilde Ride for 11/29/18

The Top 100 baby names of 2018 have been announced by BabyCenter and the list shows what Millennial and Gen Z moms and dads are passionate about.

YES!! Sony is putting together an animated Spider-Woman film.

Having blue eyes could save you from suffering from a common seasonal issue. 

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Starbucks new holiday drink is divisive… does it taste like Christmas or a shrub?

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It’s meant to be a bit of a social eating game, but the Arm-A-Dine could also be the ultimate tool for the multi-tasker!

Happy Thursday! I hope it’s a good day. Catch ya here tomorrow! <3 Jennifer 

The Wilde Ride for 11/28/18

It’s safe to eat Romaine lettuce again… if it doesn’t come from a certain area. 

A man who was ticketed for distracted driving says he’s going to trial for justice because he was not holding a phone… he was eating a hash brown.  Mmmmm… hash browns.

If you’re shopping for a mystery lover this holiday season, this could be the perfect gift! Check out The Mysterious Package Company. mysterious

Before you toss your old t-shirts, consider turning them into new ones with Marine Layer. 

This guy made a Taylor Swift themed holiday light display and says he hopes she sees it. Adding “If she does, I’ll probably cry.” 

As a parent, I’m happy to have this question answered. Even if it was 15 years after I needed it!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Catch ya tomorrow on the ‘net. <3 Jennifer 

The Wilde Ride for 11/27/18

If you’re looking for a holiday tradition that’s a bit less creepy than Elf on the Shelf, might I suggest Reindeer in Here.

The world’s first genetically altered embryos are now a set of twin girls.

Cleaning your bathroom too often can be bad for your health (but you still have to do it…just be safer about it.)

Architectural Photography of Toilet

The Tower of Pisa is leaning quite a bit less these days, thanks to years of restoration work to save it from toppling over. 

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The Wilde Ride for 11/26/18

These candles smell like, and will help restore, our nation’s parks.  I love this idea… and I bet they smell amazing! 

Big Sur Coastal Redwood Candle | Parks Project | National Park Candles
Parks Project

Could dimming the sun be the cure for global warming? Not everyone thinks so. 

Are you addicted to lip balm like I am? Using it constantly isn’t good for our lips. (I don’t care… I’m still using it!) 

Woman Putting Lipstick

The latest in self care is “cow cuddling.” It’s supposed to make you more mindful and happy. 

Woman Wearing Floral Dress Holding Cattle Near Trees

Elon Musk smoking pot with Joe Rogan on his podcast might has amused his fans, but there’s one group of people not amused – NASA. They’re now doing a safety review of Space X. 

These new wine bottles just won an award for packaging and you’re going to start seeing them around more.

Garçon Wines

We’re in the homestretch of 2018… this is the last week of November! Where does the time go? See ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer