The Wilde Ride for 10/31/18

Happy Halloween!! Let’s get down!

I can’t wait to see this new show from Netflix!

This could be the world’s largest pumpkin boat. (They’re applying to be recognized by the official Guinness World Record Book.)

Here’s all the new stuff Apple just revealed in their keynote event yesterday. 

Apple's lineup of new devices.
Apple via

Walmart is going to offer something new that will help some customers get in and out quickly.

I LOVE Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas! And for the first time, we can now buy the soundtrack! 

No. Just no. 

Have a happy Halloween Hump Day. 🙂 <3 Jennifer 

The Wilde Ride for 10/30/18

Making little tweaks to how your practice can help you learn twice as fast. 

Houses of the future could be fire and flood resistant thanks to some new synthetic wood. 

Harry and Meghan’s baby won’t have a royal title. He or she will have to grow up as a normal rich person. 

Haunted houses could be a good way to get an endorphin rush that feels like runner’s high. 

I hope your week is going well. See you tomorrow! <3 Jennifer 

The Wilde Ride for 10/29/18

Why you should let your kids eat as much Halloween candy as they want (sorta.) 

Assorted-color Gummy Worms

And speaking of candy… how in the world is Candy Corn the favorite candy of ANY state, much less seven of them! 

It supposed to be another rough flu season but if you get the flu, there’s something new that could help

There’s a new smartphone app that could tell when you’re depressed… maybe before you even realize it. 

Betsy Reyes followed her dog one night when she disappeared from home again… and found her at McDonald’s begging for food like a stray. 

I hope your Monday is off to a good start. <3 Jennifer 

The Wilde Ride for 10/26/18

Weed killer has been found in a bunch of cereals and bars. Might wanna take a look in your cupboard.

RIP Dorcas Reilly… your green bean casserole recipe will live on for years to come! 

MoviePass’ parent company is distancing themselves from MoviePass so it doesn’t tank them!

Have any old prescription medicines still hanging around in the medicine cabinet? Get rid of them tomorrow during National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. 

Dierks Bentley is adding TV producer to his resume. He’s the executive producer of a new Nashville themed comedy from Fox. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delaying their trip to the US because it would have taken place right around the time the baby is due. 

Happy Friday!!!!  <3 Jennifer 

The Wilde Ride for 10/25/18

Steve Carell has just signed on to Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston’s new show for Apple. 

I can’t decide which of these knock-off costumes is my favorite… it’s a close tie between “Where’s the Stripey Dude” and “Juice Demon!” HA HA HA … “Hey kids, who wants to be Juice Demon this Halloween?”

Some rarely seen stories from Ernest Hemingway will be printed in a special edition of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” next year. 

By the year 2021, you might have Uber drones delivering your takeout food. 

McDonald’s is beefing up (or sausage and baconing up, as the case may be) their breakfast sandwiches. You can get the new “Triple Breakfast Stacks” starting November 1st. 

Have a great day, Wilde Ones! See ya on Friday! <3 Jennifer