The Wilde Ride for 09/06/18

For the biggest Game of Thrones fans – a list of filming locations you can visit. 

A kidnapped monkey in Sweden wound up at McDonald’s. Police are now reviewing security camera footage to figure out who took him. 

So this is all cleared up now… Michael Jackson WAS on The Simpsons, he just didn’t want credit. 

Metallica has put out a new whiskey called Blackened, which was flavored by playing their music through the whiskey barrels. 

I would have assumed something in the bathroom would be the germiest place in the airport… but no. 

The CDC is reminding everyone – seriously, do NOT eat the Honey Smacks!

Are you a workaholic? You could get a free vacation from United!

Have a great day… you’re almost to Friday!!!!  <3 Jennifer 

The Wilde Ride for 09/05/18

Want people to like you more? Embarrass yourself. 

Roseanne says she’s leaving the US…maybe for good. 

Qantas Airlines is set to launch the longest direct flight in the world, from Sydney to London, in 2022. 

Walmart has announced “America’s Best Toy Shop” and early layaway. 

He was made fun of and job shamed on TV, but Geoffrey Owens has the last laugh. He’s on his way to Atlanta to work for Tyler Perry. 

Something exciting is happening this weekend. Cleanup of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch gets underway.

I hope your Wednesday is a wild one… or at least a pleasant one. Catch you tomorrow! <3 Jennifer 

The Wilde Ride for 09/04/18

If you’re a really big avocado fan and want to get paid to eat them, maybe you could be part of this new study. 

avocado, close-up, colors

They’re looking for a very big python in Poland that could be up to 20 feet long. 

A whack on the back could be just as effective as The Heimlich Maneuver.


This is so heartbreaking. The oldest scientific institute in Brazil went up in flames this past weekend destroying many of the 20 million rare artifacts there. 

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. Let’s do a Tuesday! <3 Jennifer