The Wilde Ride for 09/24/18

If there was ever a movie begging to go to Broadway, it’s this one… The Greatist Showman is being developed into a Broadway show.

This could be the miracle some families have been waiting for. Scientists are going to try and bring people back from brain dead states with an experimental therapy.

When will companies learn? There’s no “boy” or “girl” NASA uniform. Just stop with all the pink!

Could the scent of Sandalwood be the key to regrowing hair? 

There’s a biological reason why it’s so hard to give up junk food… it creates the same symptoms as a drug addict trying to get clean.

Kelly Clarkson says she’s terrified to do her new talk show (which debuts next fall) because she “can’t shut up.” So Seth Myers traded seats with her so she could practice. 

I know, I know… it’s Monday… but I hope your week is off to an awesome start! Would nature pics help? Check out my Patreon site! See you tomorrow. <3 Jennifer 

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