The Wilde Ride for 09/21/18

If you’re lazy, don’t feel too bad about it because we’re all hardwired to be that way.

Tech this out… drones are being used for rapid reforestation, counting new trees and hunting down illegal loggers.

An investigative reporter went undercover and found that Ticketmaster is allegedly helping scalpers so the company can double dip commissions. 

Do you think “artist” could include amateur photographers? Because I’d like to go to the moon with this guy…

William Shatner is back with another album… a Christmas album with an eclectic group of collaborators. Here’s the first track. 

We knew LeBron James was producing a reboot of Space Jam, now word has come out that he’s also starring in it

Ticketmaster has some explaining to do. Check out this undercover investigation. 

Happy Friday! Hope you have an excellent weekend. And if looking at nature makes you happy, check out my new Patreon page! (I haven’t released it to the public yet, so this is a sneak peek.)
See ya Monday! <3 Jennifer 

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