The Wilde Ride for 07/26/18

Get ready to start watching the webcam around this time next year, because April the giraffe is pregnant again!

Screenshot after the birth of baby Tajiri at Animal Adventure Park

Emma Thompson is reprising the role of Agent O in the Men In Black reboot and production is underway now.

The 41st class of Kennedy Center honorees has been announced. Cher and Reba top the list.

This guy built an Iron Man suit and now he’s selling it for roughly $442,000.

Gravity flight

How do you sleep 3 hours a day on the job for almost 4 years and not get fired? I don’t know… but this lady did it!

It’s not a definitive date… but we at least have an idea of when the final season of Game of Thrones will air.

Do you have ninja-like skills? Iga, Japan is looking for a few good ninjas… and they pay well!

Happy Friday Eve, Wilde Ones!  Jennifer

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