The Wilde Ride for 07/25/18

This could be one heck of a Halloween party! Someone has rented out the house used in Scream to recreate the famous party scene.

Everybody might wanna cut back on the hot chips. A Tennessee mom is warning other parents after her daughter had to have her gallbladder removed!

Want to cook and enjoy some Chick-Fil-A meals at home? They’re testing out a meal kit. 

Color Me Badd did a throwback show with quite the finale. Bryan Adams shoved his bandmate Mark Calderon to the ground, then got arrested.

Another recall of something you might have in the pantry if you have kids… goldfish crackers. Click through to see the affected varieties. 

We won’t be able to see this Friday’s lunar eclipse but we will be treated to a super close, super bright Mars. I’m gonna see if I can get a photo of it!

Lunar eclipse
Lunar eclipse

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  Jennifer

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