The Wilde Ride for 06/29/18

London has decided that Uber can operate there with a probationary license, but they’re keeping their eyes on them…

The perfect number of cups of coffee for heart health is 4 per day.

Happy Coffee

There’s a new trend in dining called “fine casual” where you go to a fancy restaurant and act as your own waiter. It’s a hybrid of fine dining and fast food.

Derek Jeter is selling his castle in New York! Who wants to go in with me on the purchase of this… ?

Dairy Queen has a new app. And to celebrate, they’re using it to give away free Blizzards! 

Awwww… Sully has to be the most adorable member of the Secret Service! He’s going to help President George H.W. Bush as he recovers from his recent hospitalizations.

Happy Friday!  Jennifer

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