The Wilde Ride for 05/30/18

The Roseanne reboot is over just like that… Roseanne killed it with a tweet.

I’m always wanting roller coaster rides to last longer but this is ridiculous… 

KFC has the perfect pool companion for you this summer… the Colonel Sanders lounge float. Wanna win one? Enter here…

Choose Water has created a completely biodegradable water bottle that will offer nutrients to sea life or the soil it winds up in. And it degrades in just a few weeks.

Some guests of the royal wedding are selling the gift bag they got there on ebay. Here’s what’s inside…

Perhaps a group email would be better than a physical meeting… according to new research, meetings dumb us down.

Hersheypark just opened “the longest mat racing slide in the world” over the weekend. It looks like a lot of fun!

Planning on climbing Everest this week by chance? There’s $50,000 up there… look for it.

It seems as though the laws of thermodynamics are much more powerful than my willpower.

birthday, break, breakfast

Whew… it’s a busy Wednesday already! Have a good day, Wilde Ones!  Jennifer

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