The Wilde Ride for 05/29/18

Catcalling could get you a fine in France soon.

If you were one of the people who got blocked on Twitter by President Trump, you should be able to tweet to him again soon. A judge has ruled that he’s been violating the first amendment by doing that.

Brandi Chastain is getting a new likeness of herself done at the San Francisco Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame.

In this photo taken Monday May ...

You might not be pale and freckly like me but you should be reaching for that 100 SPF if you can!

A new six pack holder will not only not harm wildlife but feed it. I love this idea and I hope others get on board with this as well! 

biodegradable six-pack rings
Saltwater Brewing via

Two McDonald’s customers are suing over unwanted Quarter Pounder cheese.

A goat yoga class got interesting when two additional goat yogis were born… check out the photo of these babies who made their appearance during class!

He used to be bullied and was given the nickname “Harvard” because his nose was always in a book… and now Richard Jenkins IS going to Harvard, on a full scholarship!

I hope you’re having a good Tuesday.  Jennifer

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