The Wilde Ride for 04/02/17

Such sad news about Hollywood powerhouse, Steven Bochco. He died yesterday after a battle with leukemia at 74.

Steven Bochco Picture

Australia’s always been on my list of places I want to visit, and I just found the way I want to get there… napping on a Sky Couch.

Air New Zealand's "Sky Couch"
Air New Zealand

This is the one time a wife might be OK with her husband breaking a promise. When his compulsion makes you both millionaires!

What do you think, would Meryl Streep be a good replacement for Carrie Fisher in Star Wars 9? Thousands are fans are trying to get Meryl to play Leia in the next film. Here’s the petition if you want to sign it too.

Can you imagine calling into work sick and then having to make the follow up phone call about taking maternity leave immediately? This woman had no idea she was having a baby… she thought she ate bad Chinese food.

This sounds like a great gig… Netflix Bingewatcher! OK, there’s a BIT more to it than that…

The former drummer of The Offspring is now an OB-GYN who just saved a life in his own trial for medical malpractice. So, the judge ruled it a mistrial since the other jurors might be biased.

Let’s rock this Monday!  Jennifer