The Wilde Ride for 04/25/18

How would you like to get paid to move to Iceland this summer and then spend 2 ½ months traveling the world and telling the rest of the world about your adventures? This is a real job and it sounds like so much fun! Read more about it and apply here. 

Wow Air

Fast and the Furious is getting another spin-off… this time an animated version that’s coming to Netflix.

Is one of the stars of the TV series Lethal Weapon about to get canned? Some insiders say season 3 could look much different.

Madonna has lost a lawsuit against an auction house… which means that a love letter from Tupac, a pair of her underwear, even a lock of her hair and some other items will be put on the auction block.

For the first time in American Idol history, viewers on both US coasts will be able to simultaneously vote for their favorites. ABC has announced that the show will air live in all time zones across the country for three-weeks, beginning with the April 29th show.

Hope your Wednesday is awesome! You’re halfway through this work week, baby!  Jennifer

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