The Wilde Ride for 04/30/18

Enjoy this last day of April, because tomorrow…

The Buffalo Museum of Science is about to unveil a rare egg that they just realized was in their own collection. Curators at the museum were cataloging pieces in the museum’s collection and I somebody realized that the model was a little too good. And then they confirmed it was a fully intact egg from the extinct elephant bird.


That sweet movie-a-day deal from MoviePass is being cut down to 4 movies a month for new subscribers.

People at Theater

A new McDonald’s just opened in Chicago on the ground floor of the company’s new corporate headquarters, and it’ll serve a rotating menu of things they sell at McDonald’s in other countries… like Bacon Cheese Fries from Australia.

McDonald’s via

Paisley Park is looking for someone to help catalog about 65,000 square feet of Prince’s stuff.

ABBA has reunited for the first time in 35 years to record some new music. But that doesn’t mean they’ll personally go on tour… they’re still leaving that to their avatars.

NBC, which will air the 2018 Emmy Awards, has announced the hosts for the show… yes, hosts… Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update anchors and co-co-head writers Michael Che and Colin Jost will host this year’s show together. And there will be surprise appearances by other SNL cast members too!

The royal wedding will be pressed into vinyl records… perfect for collectors.

The price of Amazon Prime is going up by $20. New customers will pay $119 to sign up… current customers start paying the new fee in June.

I hope your week is off to a great start!!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 04/27/18

Fans of the 1987 classic film “The Princess Bride” might wanna check out the third season of Stranger Things on Netflix. Cary Elwes, who played our beloved Westley, has just signed on!

Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for the next book for seven years… but they’ll have to keep waiting. George R.R. Martin will not be releasing The Winds of Winter this year. Instead, “Fire & Blood” is on the way.

After closing down more than 900 stores last year, Subway has just announced that they’re closing down 500 more.

Wanna see your face on a plane? Check out this contest from South African airline Kulula Airways.

Want some of Martha Stewart’s stuff? Approximately 5,000 pieces from her personal prop collection are being auctioned off. So if you need a new dining room table, some glassware, china, a chandelier or pretty much anything else you remember seeing in her TV home, check out the auction.

Kaminski Auctions

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The Wilde Ride for 04/26/18

Bob Dorough, the composer of so many School House Rock hits, has passed away. He was such a big part of my childhood… and I thank him for making learning fun. (It’s great to learn… ’cause knowledge is power!)

Most bands hate it when fans hold their phones up in front of their faces during concerts… but U2 is creating an experience that requires it. They have an app that fans will be able to use during their tour, which will enhance the experience.

There are a lot of hot sauces out there… but only one has been around for 150 years… Tabasco sauce. And in honor of its 150th anniversary, the company is releasing a Diamond Reserve Sauce that it’s describing as the “Champagne of pepper sauce.”

150th Anniversary Diamond Reserve Red Sauce

Ed Sheeran’s cousin, Murray Cummings, just sold his documentary about Ed called “Songwriter” to Apple.

The creator of The Bachelor has come up with a new show. It’s called “The Proposal” and it sounds just like The Bachelor… with a bag over his head.

And this is why you need to wear your glasses while facebooking… this woman mistook her friend’s rescued wombat photo for her new baby photo!


Have a wonderful Thursday! (Is it just me or is this week flying by for everyone?)  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 04/25/18

How would you like to get paid to move to Iceland this summer and then spend 2 ½ months traveling the world and telling the rest of the world about your adventures? This is a real job and it sounds like so much fun! Read more about it and apply here. 

Wow Air

Fast and the Furious is getting another spin-off… this time an animated version that’s coming to Netflix.

Is one of the stars of the TV series Lethal Weapon about to get canned? Some insiders say season 3 could look much different.

Madonna has lost a lawsuit against an auction house… which means that a love letter from Tupac, a pair of her underwear, even a lock of her hair and some other items will be put on the auction block.

For the first time in American Idol history, viewers on both US coasts will be able to simultaneously vote for their favorites. ABC has announced that the show will air live in all time zones across the country for three-weeks, beginning with the April 29th show.

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The Wilde Ride for 04/24/18

Best wishes to former president, George HW Bush who is in intensive care in the hospital. He was admitted hours after Barbara’s funeral.

YAY! A new (adorable) prince has been born… but what’s his name? We might not find out for another day or so.

The new royal baby
Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock via

This woman bought a water bottle that David Cassidy drank from to determine once and for all if he is her father… and she says the DNA test proves it. But neither his family or hers believes her.

Lynyrd Skynyrd is wrapping things up where they started… in Jacksonville Florida. Their final show will take place there in the fall. See the rest of the dates and ticket info at

What a good boy Max is! He stayed by the side of 3-year-old Aurora when she was lost on a mountain and helped her get rescued.

James Cameron thought “What if Avatar was like The Godfather?” and created some sequels. Whether we get to see the 4th and 5th, depends on how the first two do.

Congratulations to Bono, who’s been awarded with the inaugural George W. Bush Medal for Distinguished Leadership, for his work in combating the HIV/AIDS crisis and poverty in Africa.

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