The Wilde Ride for 03/29/18

Walmart says they’ve made a business decision to remove Cosmopolitan Magazine from the checkout aisles because they’re listening to concerns that were raised about the provocative covers being seen by everyone checking out.

Scientists have created a drip-free ice cream using old banana skin fibers.

A man who went to bed with two slippers under the bed, woke up with only one. He eventually found it… in the belly of a python in his closet. I’m guessing he just got a new pair.

Carpet python eats slipper
N&S Snake Catcher
X-ray of a slipper swallowed by a Coastal Carpet Python in Queensland, which had the object removed by a vet.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is branching out to the Middle East. But the Arabian Walk of Fame will have a few noticeable differences.

Now that baseball season is upon us, it’s time to take a look at the new stadium food options. The beers in Yankee Stadium can now be served with the Yankee’s logo and some players’ faces.

And the Texas Rangers just announced a new food they’ll be selling this baseball season: the pickle corn dog.  They hollow out a pickle, put a hot dog inside, then cover it all with batter and deep fry it. They’re calling it the Dilly Dog.

Happy Hump Day, Wilde Ones!  Jennifer

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