The Wilde Ride for 03/28/18

Good boy, Woody! You’re a hero!

Woody the dog came to the rescue of Mason Ringer whose boat capsized. Credit:

We’re in unchartered territory now. We have to cordon off “our” parts of the moon and protect the Apollo landing sites before all the private companies and other countries start sending people up regularly who could ruin them.

An investigation into that deadly autonomous Uber car accident has shown that the car’s collision avoidance system was disabled when it hit and killed a woman crossing the street with her bike. No one knows why yet.

This guy got fired from his waiter job for being “aggressive, rude and disrespectful” to diners. But he’s suing for discrimination, saying he’s not rude… he’s just French.

Don’t believe the story of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston getting back together. Star Magazine faked the whole thing.

Despite thousands of people signing a petition to keep them out, Starbucks just opened its first location in a national park. 

Starbucks Yosemite

Happy Hump Day, everybody!  Jennifer

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