The Wilde Ride for 03/27/18

Netflix has been banned from competing at the Cannes Film Festival because of a new rule that says all entries must be given a French theatrical release.

We all know how Wendy’s likes to roast the competition, specifically McDonalds. And now they’ve taken the beef to the next level with a new rap album called “We Beefin?”… starring Queen Wendy, spitting rhymes that take direct aim at McDonald’s, slamming everything from their food, to their drive through service to the ice cream machine being down a lot.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan looking for a cool vacation this summer, check out this new Harry Potter cruise along the River Thames.

If squirting ketchup is too much work, or you just want a healthier ketchup… check out slice of sauce ketchup, which are no-mess ketchup slices.

What’s your team pride worth? Would you root for another team for a second to save $20?

In addition to the Grammy tribute concert to Elton John which airs on April 10th, there are two tribute albums coming as well. “Revamp” will include re-imaginings of the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, performed by pop, rock and urban artists… while the “Restoration” album has covers of Elton’s song performed by country artists. And Little Big Town’s version of Rocket Man includes real sounds from NASAs Juno spacecraft as it explored Jupiter.

I hope you have an amazing Tuesday!  Jennifer

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