The Wilde Ride for 03/26/18

Easter Sunday provides a unique opportunity for April Fool’s Day pranks. Here’s some ideas. 

Strange timing. Or maybe not… The founder of Toys R Us has passed away.

Getty via TMZ

Ever wanted to turn your face into a giant lollipop? Check out Face Licker… for around $57, you can get a lollipop as big as your head, that looks like your head.

Face Licker

So… it looks like the Spice Girls are reuniting, just not for a tour. They’re going to be working on a new Spice Girls superhero movie.

Meditation could be so much more helpful that we realized. A new research study shows that it can grow your brain.

adult, air, beautiful

A company in England has created a new gummy bear supplement that “tans” you from the inside out.

Orange Red Yellow Green Gummie Bears

If you like Taco Bell hot sauce, check this out… you can now get that flavor baked right into chips.

Taco Bell

I love it when people have fun with their work. This farmer set out to discover if his cows could spell out a hello seen from space. And his plan worked!

Hope you have a great Monday.  Jennifer


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