The Wilde Ride for 02/23/18

Chloe Kim’s dog is just as adorable as she is… and Reese got to wear the gold medal on the cover of Sports Illustrated. (We’ll also be seeing Chloe on boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.)

Sadly, Toys R Us is closing down more stores. They’re downsizing by about 50%… and there could be more closings after this. 🙁

I guess Universal is assuming we’ll want more Jurassic World after the second one comes out because they’ve already announced Jurassic World 3!

Just as tasty as potato chips but healthier. Jelly fish chips are the newest snack trend.

What the heck?! Chevy Chase was injured in a road rage fight on the side of the road. But the saddest part is the statement from the 3rd party witness.

Mark Hamill is going to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Muppets could be getting a reboot!


The Shamrock Shake is back and McDonald’s wants to make sure you know where to get one with the Shamrock Shake Finder app.

The classic vanilla mint milkshake is back and better than ever.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!! Hope yours is awesome!  Jennifer


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