The Wilde Ride for 01/02/18

Happy New Year! I hope your 2018 is your best year yet!

Here’s what’s been going on while I was away from the blog….

Mariah Carey redeemed herself after last year’s NYE malfunctioning earpiece fiasco with a great performance, but firmly hung on to her diva status with a request for tea in the middle of the show. But in all fairness… it was freakin’ cold… there should have been someone there with her hot tea! If I were producer, there would have been tea for Mariah, darling.

I was really sad to see that entertainer Rose Marie passed away. I followed her on twitter and really grew quite fond of seeing her posts. She died at the age of 94.

A man in Wisconsin called the police on a hairstylist who clipped his ear and left him with a cut that made him look like Larry from The Three Stooges.

Claire’s has issued a recall for some of it’s makeup products for girls because of an asbestos concern.

Here’s what’s new on Netflix for 2018. And speaking of Netflix, did you check out their new film Bright? I thought it was just OK but some other reviews were far less kind.

Alan and Walter have been best friends for 60 years. But they just recently discovered that they’re biologically brothers!

Our live Christmas trees have served their purpose in bringing us some twinkly cheer in our living rooms but some of them will go on to continue to serve us in other ways. Their densely packed branches are perfect for things like stabilizing beaches and providing fish and other marine species homes and hiding places.

Country star Luke Bryan gave his wife an interesting Christmas gift… two baby kangaroos! They will join their other animals at “Brett’s Farm.” Oh my gosh, the cuteness…

Noooooooooo! Chocolate could be extinct by the year 2050. Scientists are trying to genetically modify the cacao plant to withstand the warmer drier temperatures we’ve been experiencing.

Now let’s get out there and make 2018 the best year ever!  Jennifer