The Wilde Ride for 01/24/18

The FCC might not care about net neutrality… but Montana does.

Now THIS is how to wait for a plane! Departure Beach in Barbados lets you chill on the sand  (or in the lounge) with a beverage while you wait for your flight to board.

Virgin Holidays

This guy accidentally swiped left on “Claudia” on Tinder… so he emailed every Claudia in his school’s directory to find her.

The jackets our US athletes are wearing at the Olympic Winter Games are really cool! Well, warm technically… they’re heated!

Congratulations to Minnie Mouse, who was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame… 40 years after Mickey got his. Better late than never?

Hollywood is considering replicating their famous sign to give tourists the backdrop they want while sparing residential neighborhoods near the original sign from the traffic.

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The Wilde Ride for 01/23/18

Sad news from Neil Diamond. He’s announced that he’s retiring from touring after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

This neuropsychologist says that Skittles are actually all the same flavor… and it’s sparking some spirited debates. My daughter says she’s going to do some research because she doesn’t believe him at all. I’ll let you know what she finds out.

candies, colorful, colourful

The law might say we’re “grown up” at 18, but science says we’re not really adults until the age of 24.

Amazon just opened their first cashier-less AmazonGo store. Customers download the app and scan a code to get into the store, they just grab what they want, walk out and they’ll be charged automatically and sent the receipt.

This doesn’t surprise me… according to some new research, women speak “dog” better than men do, so dogs obey women more than they do men.

Our happy little Lucky!

This looks incredible! A Game of Thrones ice hotel has built sculpted in Finland and you can spend the night there until April when spring kicks in.

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The Wilde Ride for 01/22/18

Whew… I was sick as a dog for a few days, you guys. Don’t mess with the flu! I tried to keep going but my body put a stop to that in the most not fun way ever. But I’m almost back to normal and back at work, so here’s some stuff from today’s show…

The autopsy results for Tom Petty have been released and they show that Tom Petty died from an accidental drug overdose after taking a variety of medications, including Fentanyl. 

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According to new research, receipts could be making you sick. 93% of receipts are covered in BPA or BPS chemicals that have negative effects on hormones, metabolism and other bodily functions. Cashiers especially take note.

40% of the food produced in the US winds up in the landfill, often times because it’s “ugly.”  Imperfect Produce is rounding up the fruit and veggies not pretty enough to sell in stores and delivering it right to your door for up to 50% off normal prices. I love this!!

Imperfect Produce

Amazon has narrowed down the list of places where they could potentially build their new headquarters, HQ2. Twenty places will move on in the process… and Amazon will make the final decision later this year

The Pope performed a surprise wedding for a pair of flight attendants on his plane to make up for the fact that their church was destroyed on their wedding day. Now they have two anniversaries!

Delta is cracking down on what animals you can bring on board as service/support companions. And you have to provide a lot more paperwork now.

Have you heard of “cheese tea?” I was pretty sure I didn’t want any after just hearing the name… now I’m sure I’m good without this craze in my life. It looks pretty, but I think I’ll keep my tea and cheese separate.

If you’re a fan of essential oils and you have pets, you might want to stop using those oils. They can be toxic, especially to cats.

Remember that new chocolate that was invented in the fall called Ruby Chocolate? It’s been used to create the first pink Kit Kat bars. You can buy them here. 


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The Wilde Ride for 01/18/18

Chameleons are famous for being able to change colors to hide from predators or to attract a mate, but scientists discovered something else they can do, when they ran an ultraviolet light over them. In UV light, many types of chameleons have been found to glow in vibrant, fluorescent patterns.

It’s the dream job my kids would have hoped to have when they grew up… professional chicken nugget taster. It’s a real job, but you’d have to relocate.

Swearing attracts a lot of disapproval but science has shown us that most of our preconceived ideas about swearing are wrong.

In what’s being called a diplomatic breakthrough, North Korea and South Korea have announced that athletes from both countries will be marching together as one team at the Winter Olympics. They’ll march together under a blue and white “unification flag” … the first time they’ll participate in the ceremony together in 11 years.

Is “the Mariah Effect” responsible for the upswing in afternoon tea reservations in New York City? Perhaps. But whatever the reason, hotels are loving it.

Nestlé is selling off the candy side of their business. And it looks like it will be sold to Nutella maker, Ferrero.

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The Wilde Ride for 01/17/18

A New Zealand woman is selling her used wedding dress that she wore “once by mistake.” She says the “stunning off-white gown” is pretty much brand new and ready for a legit wedding after a practice run back in 2013 and she says she personally hand-washed the bad luck out of it.

To prevent mischievous parrots from playing with traffic cones in New Zealand, The New Zealand Transport Agency is creating roadside gyms for them to play on.

Don’t hold in a sneeze… a guy ruptured his throat and had to be fed through the tube for a week after he did!  Who knew it was so dangerous?

CVS Pharmacy has launched their Beauty Mark initiative which bans the use of photo manipulation in ads and packaging for their beauty brands. And they’re asking for outside brands to follow their lead by the year 2020. So instead of seeing the photo on the right which has been photoshopped, we’ll see ads with photos closer to the first photo which has not been altered.


Have you ever bailed on plans with someone to hang out with your dog? A lot of people do it! Dogs really are our best friends.

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