The Wilde Ride for 01/30/18

It looks like no murder charges will be filed in the death of Prince.

Mosquitoes can not only remember your smell, but that time you tried to swat them too!

Don’t forget, early in the morning tomorrow, there will be a “Super Blue Blood Moon.”  The further west you go the better the view, but you can get a fantastic view at

Red Moon during Night Time

This is why airlines have to update their rules about support and service animals.

This current flu season is one of the worst we’ve seen and that’s creating some changes in church.

Be careful about making bets that rely on the internet to be “normal” for you to win… they will always go with the oddest choice. This wife found out the hard way.

From the White House to the Big Brother House… Omarosa is heading back to her reality TV roots.

In preparation for their upcoming Tricentennial Mardi Gras celebration in February, New Orleans is cleaning up beads from previous years.

Have a great day!  Jennifer

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