The Wilde Ride for 01/26/18

Here’s a little teaser for M&Ms Super Bowl commercial. Not sure it makes me want M&Ms, but I laughed!

Do you have any idea what your IQ is? If it’s 120… congrats! You’re in the sweet spot of attractive IQs.

Another revival of a classic TV show is happening. Murphy Brown is coming back 30 years after it went off the air.

Do you love cats? Are you soft spoken with gentle hands capable of petting them for long periods of time? Here’s the perfect job for you… cat cuddler.

Oprah Winfrey has finally addressed the rumors of whether she’d run for president by saying “I don’t have the DNA for it.” You can read her full interview in the March issue of InStyle Magazine.

A guy from Australia named Derek Herron just set a “Guinness World Record” by sinking a basketball shot from 660 feet. He took the shot from the top of Africa’s Maletsunyane Falls … and sunk it like a boss! Check out the video… his friends are stoked for him!

If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, Bud Light will give Philadelphia an “epic celebration” with free beer.

Happy Friday, y’all!!  Jennifer

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