The Wilde Ride for 01/25/18

The Grammys are going back to NYC this year and bringing some Broadway to the show with numbers from Patti LuPone and Ben Platt in a tribute honoring the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Leonard Bernstein. Catch the show Sunday night on CBS.

Elton John has announced that he’s retiring from touring… after a 3 year, 300 show farewell tour.

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Get ready for the Super Blue Blood Moon… it’s coming on the 31st!

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The answer to cover hog partners! The TOG-ether bundle from IKEA.


According to a new study, female cats are most likely right-pawed, while males tend to prefer their left.

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Several camels have been disqualified from a camel beauty contest for using Botox. I’m not sure where it’s being injected though… the face?… the hump?

When the next set of emojis comes out, two ocean scientists say they want to see an angler-fish in there.

Thaler's prototype design for the anglerfish emoji.
Andrew Thaler’s prototype design for the anglerfish emoji.

I don’t think we needed a study to determine this, but pretty much all of America wants the Eagles to win… except Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and North Dakota. North Dakota? How’d that happen?

Hope your Thursday is terrific!  Jennifer

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