The Wilde Ride for 01/31/18

If you want to send roses for Valentine’s Day check out Costco. They have an amazing deal… 50 roses for 50 dollars. They will bundle up 50 Rainforest Alliance Certified roses, hand-picked from their South American farms and ship them for free on or before Valentine’s day for just $50. And the deal is offered to non-members too.

Rodrigo Alves, the “Human Ken Doll” says he’s done with plastic surgeries.

If you’re into Italy and DIY projects, the town of Ollolai  wants to entice you to move there by offering up fixer-upper houses for around a dollar.

Ollolai comune proloco

Three business heavyweights are joining forces to start a healthcare company that will provide simplified, high-quality and transparent healthcare at a reasonable cost.

I really don’t think there’s anyone better to play Mr. Rogers than Tom Hanks. He’ll star as Fred Rogers in the upcoming biopic “You Are My Friend.”

Flat-Earther “Mad” Mike Hughes is ready to try again to prove that the earth is not round. He’s got a new rocket and a new launch date of February 3rd.

I would love to see “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” as a cartoon! I hope that’s what’s happening.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 01/30/18

It looks like no murder charges will be filed in the death of Prince.

Mosquitoes can not only remember your smell, but that time you tried to swat them too!

Don’t forget, early in the morning tomorrow, there will be a “Super Blue Blood Moon.”  The further west you go the better the view, but you can get a fantastic view at

Red Moon during Night Time

This is why airlines have to update their rules about support and service animals.

This current flu season is one of the worst we’ve seen and that’s creating some changes in church.

Be careful about making bets that rely on the internet to be “normal” for you to win… they will always go with the oddest choice. This wife found out the hard way.

From the White House to the Big Brother House… Omarosa is heading back to her reality TV roots.

In preparation for their upcoming Tricentennial Mardi Gras celebration in February, New Orleans is cleaning up beads from previous years.

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The Wilde Ride for 01/29/18

An elderly women who’d fallen in the snow and couldn’t get up was saved, thanks to two dogs named Adam and Eva who wouldn’t give up on saving her.

The wildlife burned in the CA wildfires are getting treated with some innovative new bandages made of fish skin.

Nutella is good… but is it THAT good?

KFC has unveiled their latest Colonel Sanders… it’s Reba McEntire!

A computer screw-up could mean a cheap flight or hotel stay for you… check out

Google will now allow you to mute those “reminder ads” that follow you around for weeks.

Look at these trippy looking salt mines. They make me want to grab my camera and hit the road!


Happy Monday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 01/26/18

Here’s a little teaser for M&Ms Super Bowl commercial. Not sure it makes me want M&Ms, but I laughed!

Do you have any idea what your IQ is? If it’s 120… congrats! You’re in the sweet spot of attractive IQs.

Another revival of a classic TV show is happening. Murphy Brown is coming back 30 years after it went off the air.

Do you love cats? Are you soft spoken with gentle hands capable of petting them for long periods of time? Here’s the perfect job for you… cat cuddler.

Oprah Winfrey has finally addressed the rumors of whether she’d run for president by saying “I don’t have the DNA for it.” You can read her full interview in the March issue of InStyle Magazine.

A guy from Australia named Derek Herron just set a “Guinness World Record” by sinking a basketball shot from 660 feet. He took the shot from the top of Africa’s Maletsunyane Falls … and sunk it like a boss! Check out the video… his friends are stoked for him!

If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, Bud Light will give Philadelphia an “epic celebration” with free beer.

Happy Friday, y’all!!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 01/25/18

The Grammys are going back to NYC this year and bringing some Broadway to the show with numbers from Patti LuPone and Ben Platt in a tribute honoring the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Leonard Bernstein. Catch the show Sunday night on CBS.

Elton John has announced that he’s retiring from touring… after a 3 year, 300 show farewell tour.

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Get ready for the Super Blue Blood Moon… it’s coming on the 31st!

architecture, bright, building

The answer to cover hog partners! The TOG-ether bundle from IKEA.


According to a new study, female cats are most likely right-pawed, while males tend to prefer their left.

animal, cat, CC0

Several camels have been disqualified from a camel beauty contest for using Botox. I’m not sure where it’s being injected though… the face?… the hump?

When the next set of emojis comes out, two ocean scientists say they want to see an angler-fish in there.

Thaler's prototype design for the anglerfish emoji.
Andrew Thaler’s prototype design for the anglerfish emoji.

I don’t think we needed a study to determine this, but pretty much all of America wants the Eagles to win… except Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and North Dakota. North Dakota? How’d that happen?

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