The Wilde Ride for 12/15/17

Disney just got a whole lot bigger. They just bought 21st Century Fox for 52.4 billion which will add a lot more content to their portfolio. They’re getting ready to compete with Netflix in 2019.

Cheetos is back with a new partnership and another Cheetos hybrid food… Cheetos popcorn. You can get it at Regal Cinemas.

Credit- Cheetos

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. This guy is using Amazon Prime Now to deliver things to homeless people. He wasn’t sure if Amazon would delivery without a real address… but they did. Watch this video and smile.

Two of America’s favorite cookies are being turned into cereal… get ready for Chips Ahoy! and Nutter Butter cereals.


And just so we’re not talking all about junk food… Dole and Star Wars have teamed up to entice kids to eat healthy foods by putting Star Wars characters on fruits and vegetables.

Don’t forget, this Sunday, A Christmas Story Live! airs on Fox!

Chris Diamantopoulos, clockwise from top left, Maya

I hope you have an awesome Friday and a fantastic weekend!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/14/17

The 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees are Nina Simone, Bon Jovi, The Moody Blues, The Cars and Dire Straits and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

I love seeing these photos every year. Check out this year’s ‘Nature Photographer Of The Year’ contest winners… the flamingo mama made me smile.

Alejandro Prieto

Merriam Webster’s word of the year is… feminism, the “theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” See some of the others here.

Saudi Arabians can now go to the movies after a 35-year ban on cinemas has been lifted! The things we take for granted, they’re now getting to enjoy. I like seeing stories like this.

Congratulations to James Corden and his wife Julie, who just had a baby girl, their 3rd child. She arrived just a half an hour before The Late Late Show was supposed to start Tuesday night so his friend Harry Styles filled in.

And while I’m at it with the baby news, congrats to John Stamos and his fiancée, Caitlin McHugh, who just announced that they have a baby on the way. John will become a first time dad at the age of 54 and he sounds thrilled about it!

WOW… George Clooney is a great friend! He gave each of his 14 best friends a bag full of cash… a million dollars in twenties!

11 more sleeps ’til Christmas! I’d better start shopping! Have a great Thursday.  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/13/17

We’re now learning a little bit more about this new augmented reality mobile Harry Potter Game. “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” now has it’s own website where you can keep up with the news…

All the major credit card companies, with the exception of Visa, are getting rid of signatures. They say signing a receipt is an unnecessary step so they’re dropping it.  

Some filmmakers have put together an unofficial sequel to Gremlins for this holiday season. Check out Gremlins: Recall.

Tina Turner has a second biography coming out. This one is a lot more upbeat than the last book when it comes to relationships. “Tina Turner: My Love Story” will be out in October of next year to coincide with her 60th year in the music industry.

If a regular Rubik’s Cube isn’t enough of a challenge for you check this out!

Remember the #myoreocreation contest where fans got to submit fantasy flavors in the hopes that they’d become real Oreos? The semifinalists have been announced.


NASA’s Juno spacecraft is orbiting Jupiter, so they took the data coming back from the craft to create an incredible animation that shows us what it might look like to dive inside Jupiter’s famous “Great Red Spot”… a storm that is 50 to 100 times deeper than any of our oceans and could swallow the earth whole. Incredible.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/12/17

It’s time to get festive and Christmasy… with Christmas tree eyebrows.

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A writer in London made the shed in his backyard the number one rated restaurant on TripAdvisor.

This poor woman borrowed a pair of “eclipse glasses” that weren’t actually eclipse glasses and stared at the sun this summer for about 15-20 seconds. She now lives with a crescent shaped burn on her retinas.

If you’re going to be flying Alaska Airlines this Friday, wear your ugly Christmas sweater and you’ll get to board early.

Seth Rogen is about to tackle a big leading role in a drama. He’ll play Walter Cronkite in the film Newsflash.

Netflix knows everything… including the fact that you’re a huge romantic sap who watched the same romcom Christmas movie every day of the season.

Awwww… these are cute. Smittens are a way to hold hands in the cold.

Image result for smittens

How much money is 100 year old chocolate worth? We’ll find out soon when these candies go up for auction.

main image

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/11/17

Termitat, a desktop termite habitat, can turn them into a work of art that can sit on your desk or coffee table. It’s an acrylic-enclosed live termite colony that display that eats and lives on a disc of wood that is constantly changing in a different work of art.

Get ready to see a lot of purple next year. Pantone has released its color of the year for 2018, Ultra Violet.

Introducing Ultra Violet Pantone 18-3838

How cool is this? A young rapper and an 81-year-old retiree were connected randomly by the game Words With Friends, then became friends in real life. They just met for the first time in Florida. 🙂

If you want your kids to work harder at a task have them dress up as Batman. (Other characters work too!)

The Pope says The Lord’s Prayer should be changed because one line’s meaning was lost in translation.

We’re about to get some new emojis and finally, redheads, curly haired and bald people will be represented… most likely. The final decisions will be made in January.

redhead emojis

Happy Monday… two weeks until Christmas!!  Jennifer