The Wilde Ride for 12/21/17

Is the winter solstice already off to a rough start for you? Astrologers say it’s the worst day of the year.

Easthampton High School in Massachusetts will now refer to those formerly known as “freshmen” by the term “first years.” It’s part of the school (and school district’s) effort to be more gender inclusive.

A community in England is upset with some of their rich neighbors because they’re putting spikes in trees to prevent birds from landing there and pooping on their cars.


Scientists have discovered that our impulses to do bad things could be stopped with a zap to the brain.

Were you a fan of The Office? I loved that show… and it could be coming back!

To celebrate today’s winter solstice, Dunkin Donuts and a brewery in Massachusetts are releasing their new D-Dark Roasted Brew.

Have a great Thursday!  Jennifer

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