The Wilde Ride for 12/22/17

President Trump made his debut in the newly updated Hall of Presidents at Disney World. But many are saying his animatronic likeness doesn’t look like him at all. A lot of people it looks more like actor Jon Voight. I see their point…

Is excessive selfie taking a mental condition? Perhaps. Some researchers are studying “selfitis” to determine if it should be classified as a genuine mental health issue.

Google is about to start blocking some of the most annoying ads we see online. They’ll be blocking intrusive ads like pop-up ads, auto-play video ads with sound, and large sticky ads from both desktop and mobile versions of Google Chrome in February.

Neflix dropped $100 million on their new feature film Bright starring Will Smith… and the rumor is that he’s already signed up for a sequel. Are you going to watch it today?

Will Smith in 'Bright'

Don’t eat the raw cookie dough or lick any beaters. There’s a new food warning out and it has nothing to do with eggs or salmonella. This time it’s about flour and e coli.

The unicorn tend is not over… Kellogg’s has Unicorn Froot Loops coming next year!

This young mother didn’t let labor pains get in the way of finals week. She took her psychology final while in the delivery room, had a baby boy, and finished out the semester with a 3.5 GPA. Talk about a super mom!

I hope you have a great Friday, an awesome weekend and a Merry Christmas! I’ll be taking some time away from the show and the blog for a bit, so I’ll see you after the new year!

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The Wilde Ride for 12/21/17

Is the winter solstice already off to a rough start for you? Astrologers say it’s the worst day of the year.

Easthampton High School in Massachusetts will now refer to those formerly known as “freshmen” by the term “first years.” It’s part of the school (and school district’s) effort to be more gender inclusive.

A community in England is upset with some of their rich neighbors because they’re putting spikes in trees to prevent birds from landing there and pooping on their cars.


Scientists have discovered that our impulses to do bad things could be stopped with a zap to the brain.

Were you a fan of The Office? I loved that show… and it could be coming back!

To celebrate today’s winter solstice, Dunkin Donuts and a brewery in Massachusetts are releasing their new D-Dark Roasted Brew.

Have a great Thursday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/20/17

One very generous donor is making Christmas merry for those in need in Minneapolis/St. Paul. They dropped a $200,000 check into one of those red kettles.

Making Christmas cookies this year? Here’s a quick and easy trick to keep them fresh!

If you missed Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in theaters before Coco, you can now see it via video on demand (along with 6 other Disney holiday shorts) for $9.99.

Lady Gaga is heading to Vegas for a residency next year. The deal is for 36 shows (at $400,000 each) at The Park Theater at Monte Carlo which will start in late 2018.

We heard last week about Alice Cooper being cast as King Herod in NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live! Now, they’ve announced the lead… John Legend is going to play Jesus. 

Have you seen the video of a UFO released by the Pentagon? Pretty interesting stuff.

Well here’s something you’re probably not doing at home … tattooing your turkey and laser etching your pies. Check out this meal that meets art.

Have a fab Wednesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/19/17

The astronauts aboard the International Space Station will now get the chance to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

A byproduct of tofu is being turned into a healthy alcoholic drink. Sachi, is made from the liquid that is generated from the production of tofu, and involves a fermentation technique that enriches it with antioxidants called isoflavones. 

Apparently ticks have been sucking the blood of creatures on earth since at least 99 million years ago! Check out the newly discovered “Dracula’s Terrible Tick.”

3d model of terrible Dracula.
A 3D model of the terrible tick. (University of Oxford)

A couple recently realized that they’d known each other way before they actually remember meeting. They were preschool friends and just found their first photo together where they’re sitting side by side!

Source: imgur/evanaka1234

When you need to get to the hospital fast, everyone knows, you call an …Uber? Unless your condition is life threatening, it’s probably the better way to go… it’s a cheaper (and often faster) way to get to the hospital.

The best Star Wars promotion collaboration has arrived… Star Wars ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery!

Star Wars 3-Pack
Ample Hills

Now, this kid knows the meaning  of Christmas!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 12/18/17

Can you imagine anything worse than cutting short a romantic weekend with your first love… for jury duty? Thankfully, a judge didn’t make this man serve.

A lot of artists sign their work but you don’t really expect it from your surgeon. A British surgeon just pleaded guilty to assault for initialing his transplant patients’ new livers.

Some avocado growers have come up with a way to end “avocado hand”… they’re growing them without the pits.

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“What do you want to eat?” “I don’t know, what do you want to eat?” It’s a conversation that happens a lot… like for 132 hours a year!

How beautiful are these hand-blown glass ornaments that look like planets? I love these! They’re expensive but gorgeous!

Designers are scrambling ahead of next month’s Golden Globe award because they are running out of this year’s most wanted dress color… black.

Good news for you if you’re a hot tea drinker… it’s been linked to a lower risk of developing glaucoma.

Hope your week is off to a great start!  Jennifer