The Wilde Ride for 11/30/17

Even if you get seven hours of sleep every night, you could still be doing something that will make you feel sleep deprived- not keeping a schedule (when you wake up is most important.)

We’re about to start seeing commercials about how dangerous smoking is…. they were supposed to air 11 years ago.

Earlier this year I told you about the Domino’s wedding registry… well now they have a baby registry with cute little onesies and other adorable pizza themed gifts.

Pizza Onesie

One 20 minute workout can improve your long term memory. Read about the new research here.

Disney has found their Mulan for the live action version of their animated classic.

Check out this new twist on the ugly Christmas sweater – the Ugly Sweater Sweater.

Ugly Sweater Sweater

Can football fans call plays better than the coach can? This new app aims to find out… fans can vote on everything from the logo, to who gets hired, to the plays during the game.


Happy Thursday! One more day ’til the weekend!!  Jennifer

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