The Wilde Ride for 11/27/17

Black Friday shoppers aren’t happy with Walmart. They ran out of Black Friday specials before Black Friday even started!

I got a few emails asking about these cool Pupsocks, so here’s the link again! They’re customizable socks that you can put your favorite dog’s, cat’s or human’s face on. And they also have ties! (If you visit via my link and purchase something, I may get a small payment which helps me keep the website going… and I thank you so much for that!)


Here’s a fun way to reuse beer bottles and turn them into something New Zealand needs… more beach!

DB Breweries

This guy is planning on launching himself in a homemade rocket so he can capture a picture of the earth to prove it’s not round but flat. But the launch has been delayed for a few days.

Mike Hughes/AP/Washington Post

Wanna get paid to live in a beautiful mountain village in Switzerland? Check out the details here!

Mariah Carey is still not feeling well and had to cancel a few more Christmas shows. And to make things worse, she just got robbed too.

Have you seen the footage released from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? This baby velociraptor is so cute it’ll almost make you forget that it’ll grow up and try to rip your head off.

If you have trouble falling asleep maybe the Somnox pillow can help. It plays soothing sounds and “breathes” so you subconciously match your breathing to it, allowing you to slow down and drift off to sleep.

Happy Cyber Monday… may your online deals be great!  Jennifer

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