The Wilde Ride for 10/31/17

Happy Halloween!!!

Toys R Us will now be offering curbside pickup at 28 of their locations for the holidays.

According to new research, watching scary movies burns off the equivalent calories of one chocolate bar. So… if you space out the candy, you could sit around all day watching movies and eating chocolate and break even? I’m in!

Christina Aguilera is going to be performing a Whitney Houston tribute at the AMAs. With her doing Whitney, and Diana Ross performing (and being honored with a lifetime achievement award as well) the show is going to be diva filled!

Tonight is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’s final performance at Knott’s Berry Farm. But she’s only retiring from stage performing and says she’s open to doing a TV show again. 

Have you seen this clear pumpkin pie? It was created by a Chicago restaurant but you could make it at home too… if you have a rotary evaporator. Here’s the recipe, courtesy of Vogue.

Crystal Clear Pumpkin Pie 📷:@ahemberger

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I hope you have a fun Halloween! See you tomorrow.  Jennifer

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