The Wilde Ride for 10/27/17

If you have unused or expired prescription meds in your cabinet that you need to safely dispose of, take advantage of National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day tomorrow. Just enter your zipcode to find the closest collection center to you.

This guy and his wife want to sell their ranch in Arizona so they can stop fighting with aliens! 😬😱

If you were planning on going as Austin Powers this Halloween, good luck finding a mask, thanks to the movie Baby Driver.

Burger King is giving out free Whoppers to those who come in dressed as a clown… even Ronald McDonald.

There’s a lawsuit brewing that could be really bad for Hollywood. The creators of the MOVA software, which is used to capture expressions to create photorealistic computer graphic effects, are suing Disney, Marvel, Fox and Paramount for using their software illegally in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Deadpool and Night at the Museum.

Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in November.

A small town in Iceland has come up with a way to slow drivers down near pedestrian crossings. Optical illusion lines.

Vegamálun GÍH

After you’re done binge watching Stranger Things this weekend… stick around after the credits for the after show, Beyond Stranger Things.

The best thing to use to clean your apples is baking soda. Check out this new study.

Have a happy Friday!!!!!!!!   Jennifer

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