The Wilde Ride from 10/26/17

It could soon cost (a lot) more to get into some of our nation’s public parks. The increase would help pay for improvements to roads, bridges, campgrounds, waterlines, bathrooms and other visitor services at the parks.

This guy had an interesting way of stealing from women. He’d crawl on the floor of movie theaters taking credit cards and cash from women’s purses while they watched chick flicks.

Halloween trees are a thing now. There’s no way I’m buying two holiday trees though. What I would do is put up the Christmas tree and hang pumpkins, bats and spider webs on it… then just change out the decorations in a month.

Know a noisy eater? Maybe you should buy them a noise canceling fork.

Albert Einstein once gave a messenger two handwritten notes because he didn’t have any cash to tip him, telling him the notes could be worth way more than a tip… he was right!!

Ladies, wanna look younger? Highlight your eyes, lip and brows.

Woo hooo! Friday Eve! Have a great Thursday, Wilde Ones!  Jennifer

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