The Wilde Ride for 10/31/17

Happy Halloween!!!

Toys R Us will now be offering curbside pickup at 28 of their locations for the holidays.

According to new research, watching scary movies burns off the equivalent calories of one chocolate bar. So… if you space out the candy, you could sit around all day watching movies and eating chocolate and break even? I’m in!

Christina Aguilera is going to be performing a Whitney Houston tribute at the AMAs. With her doing Whitney, and Diana Ross performing (and being honored with a lifetime achievement award as well) the show is going to be diva filled!

Tonight is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’s final performance at Knott’s Berry Farm. But she’s only retiring from stage performing and says she’s open to doing a TV show again. 

Have you seen this clear pumpkin pie? It was created by a Chicago restaurant but you could make it at home too… if you have a rotary evaporator. Here’s the recipe, courtesy of Vogue.

Crystal Clear Pumpkin Pie 📷:@ahemberger

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I hope you have a fun Halloween! See you tomorrow.  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 10/30/17

Daylight Saving Time is this weekend. And experts say it would be less disruptive to our biological clocks if we ease into the time change.

An Apple engineer has lost his job after letting his daughter film his new iPhone X on campus.

Scientists just discovered our first interstellar visitor… so what if it’s a rock?

Queen Elizabeth’s horse racing hobby has been quite lucrative for her. I had no idea how much her thoroughbreds were winning!

Paul Newman’s Rolex, engraved with a message from his wife, Joanne Woodward, just sold for a record breaking amount of money.

Thank goodness Google’s cheeseburger emoji is finally going to get fixed! (Do you see what’s wrong?)

Hamburger on Google Android 8.0

Let’s do a Monday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 10/27/17

If you have unused or expired prescription meds in your cabinet that you need to safely dispose of, take advantage of National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day tomorrow. Just enter your zipcode to find the closest collection center to you.

This guy and his wife want to sell their ranch in Arizona so they can stop fighting with aliens! 😬😱

If you were planning on going as Austin Powers this Halloween, good luck finding a mask, thanks to the movie Baby Driver.

Burger King is giving out free Whoppers to those who come in dressed as a clown… even Ronald McDonald.

There’s a lawsuit brewing that could be really bad for Hollywood. The creators of the MOVA software, which is used to capture expressions to create photorealistic computer graphic effects, are suing Disney, Marvel, Fox and Paramount for using their software illegally in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Deadpool and Night at the Museum.

Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in November.

A small town in Iceland has come up with a way to slow drivers down near pedestrian crossings. Optical illusion lines.

Vegamálun GÍH

After you’re done binge watching Stranger Things this weekend… stick around after the credits for the after show, Beyond Stranger Things.

The best thing to use to clean your apples is baking soda. Check out this new study.

Have a happy Friday!!!!!!!!   Jennifer

The Wilde Ride from 10/26/17

It could soon cost (a lot) more to get into some of our nation’s public parks. The increase would help pay for improvements to roads, bridges, campgrounds, waterlines, bathrooms and other visitor services at the parks.

This guy had an interesting way of stealing from women. He’d crawl on the floor of movie theaters taking credit cards and cash from women’s purses while they watched chick flicks.

Halloween trees are a thing now. There’s no way I’m buying two holiday trees though. What I would do is put up the Christmas tree and hang pumpkins, bats and spider webs on it… then just change out the decorations in a month.

Know a noisy eater? Maybe you should buy them a noise canceling fork.

Albert Einstein once gave a messenger two handwritten notes because he didn’t have any cash to tip him, telling him the notes could be worth way more than a tip… he was right!!

Ladies, wanna look younger? Highlight your eyes, lip and brows.

Woo hooo! Friday Eve! Have a great Thursday, Wilde Ones!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride from 10/25/17

Kid Rock says of course he’s not running for Senate… it was all a publicity stunt for his new album.

Awww… UPS drivers have created a facebook page to share all the cute photos of the dog friends they meet on their route.

Image may contain: 1 person, dog

A Canadian man was given a traffic ticket for “screaming”… only he wasn’t screaming, he was singing C&C Music Factory, very loudly. EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!

It’s now illegal to cross the street while looking at your phone in Honolulu. The “walk and texters” can get a $35 ticket.

We may soon have a sensible flat shoe emoji to go with all the high heels.

Here’s a great gift for a space lover. “Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World” pairs the worlds of art and science in 300 photographs, showing the various ways that space has been depicted through the ages and around the world.

How cool! Little mini arcade games! The first one is going to be Centipede. I want Galaga next!!

Have a happy Wednesday!  Jennifer