The Wilde Ride for 09/22/17

Happy first day of FALL!! Can you believe Summer is over already? Guess I can stop shaving my legs now!  😂

If you like to travel to Paris a lot, the French airline, La Compagnie is offering a year’s worth of unlimited flights aboard one of their Boeing 757’s from New York to Paris for $40,000.

McDonald’s is calling out a Reddit user who says there’s a trick the restaurant uses to cheat on how many fries they give you. They say “the pinch trick” is “absolutely false.”

The trailer is out for “Isle of Dogs” and it looks like a roller coaster of emotions. In another life, I would be this boy searching through trash island for his best friend, Spots. 

Stuart McDaniel, who owns the marketing firm GuRuStu says he came to work and found cash on the floor by the entrance… and the only one there overnight is the office cat, Sir Whines A Lot. That’s when he figured out that the cat has a side hustle going on once everyone leaves the building.

Matthew Broderick has just been announced as the narrator/adult Ralphie in the live action version of A Christmas Story coming up in December on Fox.

The families of the men who died while making Tom Cruise’s film “American Made” are now suing Universal Studios, and they say Tom is partially responsible for their deaths.

Spanx is ready to shape the only area they haven’t squeezed yet… our arms. Arm Tights go on sale Monday.

Hope you have a great Friday and an ever better weekend. Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 09/21/17

The man being called a hero for stopping a robbery at a Starbucks is now being sued for the “excessive force” he used to stop the man pointing a gun and knife at the cashier.

I don’t think this will shock anyone… Billy Bush and his wife, Sydney Davis have announced that they’re separating after 20 years of marriage.

We’re gonna start seeing Monster cereals back on the shelves this week.


I was thinking Amazon knew something I didn’t when I got an email about someone purchasing something from my baby registry! Turns out, it was just a glitch.

Wanna refresh your memory before the rebooted Will and Grace starts next week? (Thursday, Sept 28th) You can now stream the original show.

Do you often feel unrested and not very relaxed after a vacation? It’s probably because you’re not taking a long enough break!

I love a good geek battle! This was probably the most fun these museums’ social media managers have had in awhile.

Hope you have a great Thursday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 09/20/17

Prayers and love to everyone in Mexico who lost family members to the earthquake yesterday. We’re living in turbulent times. On multiple levels.

All the beauty of a Dad Bod with none of the health risks… check out these “Dad Bag” fanny packs that give you a beer belly.

There’s an underwater luxury resort being built in Dubai and it’s gorgeous!

I don’t know when it’ll be for sale or what it will cost… but I want one of these Cruise cars!

Kate Walsh just revealed that she had a huge brain tumor. Glad she’s doing well now!

Abba is planning a world tour but none of group’s members will be there… but their digital avatars will.

Whoops… the punk band Zex must be thrilled. 5 of their songs just wound up on the vinyl version of Beyonce’s Lemonade album.

Oooooh… we’re halfway there… Happy Wednesday! (Or Friday eve eve.)  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 09/19/17

Just before Christmas, Toys R Us is potentially looking at bankruptcy. 🙁

In an interview with GQ, Harrison Ford says he punched Ryan Gosling in the face while shooting Blade Runner 2049, but says it was 90% Ryan’s fault … and he’s lucky he didn’t get punched more.

If you like to eat wings while you watch football, there’s bad news for the start of this season – the US has a chicken wing shortage.

Facebook has been testing out a new feature that allows you to just snooze people instead of unfollowing or unfriending them.

We’ve all heard the advice that you’re not supposed to grocery shop when you’re hungry but Kroger is kinda hoping you’ll ignore than advice and bring your appetite. They’re going to start opening restaurants in their stores. 

The Television Academy had a touching “In Memoriam” tribute at the Emmys, but they forgot a whole bunch of people!

Have a great Tuesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 09/18/17

See who won what at the Emmys last night and check out highlights from the show.

Two Equifax executives will retire following massive data breach. And a new bill has been introduced that would allow consumers to freeze their credit report for free… and get paid back any fees they’ve already paid to do so after the breach.

The Cassini spacecraft ended a 20 year journey with a dive into Saturn’s atmosphere… burning up like a shooting star as it sent its last transmission back to earth. NASA’s program manager, Earl Maize announced “The signal from the spacecraft is gone and, within the next 45 seconds, so will be the spacecraft.” And then his eyes teared up as he said “I am going to call this the end of mission.” See 100 of the best photos from Cassini’s voyage.

A sequence of the last pictures taken by the Cassini spacecraft showing the moon Enceladus setting behind Saturn. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Jamie Lee Curtis is returning for another Halloween reboot. In this film, Laurie faces Michael Meyers in one final, bloody showdown… but unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for it. It won’t be out until Oct. 19, 2018.

Apple says sometimes people have some very serious conversations with Siri and they want to help them better. So they’re hiring software engineers with counseling or psychology backgrounds to help Siri give better answers to mental health questions.

Are we back to Monday already?? I hope it’s a fantastic start to your week. Jennifer