The Wilde Ride for 09/27/17

The Princess Bride got Songified to celebrate the 30th anniversary. ♥ Twoo wuv…

Future smart gadgets could scan your heart instead of your fingerprint or face. Biometric scans are on track to replace passwords. No more capital letters, numbers, special character combinations to remember? Yes, please!

Fizzy, fruity milk… whaddya think?  I’m gonna have to pass on this. But it’s not meant for me. It’s supposed to make milk cool to teenagers. 😛

The sequel to IT now has a release date… almost exactly two years after the first film’s premiere.

United said they would address the issue of how to handle overbooked flights. And here’s what they’ve come up with… letting passengers bid on the price they’d accept to give up their seat.

I hope your Wednesday brings you joy.  Jennifer

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