The Wilde Ride for 09/25/17

If you’re a fan of having your groceries delivered, this might sound even better… Walmart and smart home device maker August are teaming up to offer delivery right to your fridge when you’re not there.

Taco Bell is going upscale with their new restaurants. They won’t have drive-throughs, but they will have DJs and beer!

Body contouring has come to denim. Lee has revealed their Body Optix line which uses shading and highlighting to create body enhancing optical illusions.

Remember how General Mills make Trix healthier? Well a lot of people didn’t like ‘em, so they’re bringing back the old recipe too. So now you can choose between healthier new Trix…

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…and the classic version with Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 6.

It’s not even officially a book yet, but “The President is Missing,” the book being written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson has already been picked up by Showtime to be turned into a TV show.

There’s a new line of Hocus Pocus bath products. The line comes in two scents – It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus, which smells like apple cider donuts and Sanderson Sisters, which is a spicier blend of cranberry, apple, and pumpkin. You can get them at and if you use the code MAGIC you’ll save 10%.

Ew… gross! Pumpkin Spice Pizza is just not right. 😛

I hope the start to your week is a great one! Let’s go do a Monday!


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