The Wilde Ride for 09/11/17

As we remember 9/11 while dealing with the recent tragedies of 2017, I wish for us all to feel peace today. If only for a little while, try to give yourself a break from it all with a few quiet moments to let your mind rest… or just a few deep breaths if that’s all you can fit in. Sending you love today and everyday.  Jennifer

Just in time for Halloween, there’s a new Michael Jackson album called “Michael Jackson SCREAM” on the way. It’s a collection of “13 of his all-time most electrifying and danceable tracks including ‘Ghosts,’ ‘Torture,’ ‘Thriller,’ and ‘Dirty Diana.’” But the track everyone is talking about is “Blood on The Dance Floor X Dangerous,” a newly-created mash-up of five songs from remixer The White Panda.

We knew the movie “It” was going to be big… and it is. It’s broken all kinds of records! 

Elephants are endangered… and therefore, so is their language. So the nonprofit group, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, has created a website that will allow you to translate either texts or a voice message into the nearest elephant equivalent phrase, in hopes that if people hear elephants speaking, it will inspire them to help in the conservation efforts.

Chocolate scientists have just discovered the first new natural chocolate in 80 years… and it’s pink. Ruby chocolate comes from a special type of cocoa bean found on the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil.

First New Type of Chocolate Discovered in 80 Years is Naturally Pink

Wow… this woman… she shopped for some groceries, stopped and had a baby on the sidewalk, then picked up the groceries and baby and walked away!

It’s been debated for years… is Die Hard a Christmas film? Regardless of which side you’re on … there’s a Die Hard Christmas children’s book coming out which will further its status as a holiday classic. You can pre-order it on Amazon now.

Hang in there, everybody! Jennifer


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