The Wilde Ride for 09/29/17

The US and Russia are teaming up to build “Deep Space Getaway,” a space station that will orbit the moon.

Sonic says they may have been hacked… so if you used a card there recently, keep an eye on your account.

This guy thought he had lung cancer. Instead, it turned out that he had a small toy in his lung for 40 years.

If you plan to get a flu shot this season, make sure you’re in a good mood when you get it.

A Hocus Pocus remake is on the way from The Disney Channel. Sadly, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy will not be involved.

Oreos is releasing their own brand of hot chocolate mix.

Best wishes to Steven Tyler who is rumored to have had a seizure in Brazil. Aerosmith canceled the last 4 shows of their South American tour so he could recover but Steven says they’ll be back!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 09/28/17

Congrats to Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie… they’ve just announced that they’re engaged!

If you’re a Fixer Upper fan, relish this upcoming season, because it will be the last. Chip and Joanna Gaines say they need a break to breathe and spend time with their family. As sad as it is, they deserve to move on. They’ve worked hard on that show. Fans can still follow them both on instagram to see their upcoming projects.

Twitter is going to give us more room to tweet. They’re testing out 280 character limits. Now we won’t have to try to edit so many tweets to make them fit.

Want to buy a house but don’t have a down payment? Loftium will give you the cash in exchange for being an Airbnb host and giving them a cut.

Tomorrow is National Coffee Day, so don’t forget to grab some free or discounted coffee at the places who are celebrating.

A woman in Australia woke up to hear a buzzing in her house, and discovered her entire bedroom wall was filled with thousands of bees and a whole lot of honey!!

Yes! Congrats to my Saudi sisters who can now drive themselves without getting arrested! Baby steps toward equality… we celebrate each one.

Before you do a good deed… you gotta make sure it’s not going to actually make things worse. A couple trying to save the lives of crabs and lobsters could have ruined the delicate, local ecosystem where they released them.

Enjoy today. Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 09/27/17

The Princess Bride got Songified to celebrate the 30th anniversary. ♥ Twoo wuv…

Future smart gadgets could scan your heart instead of your fingerprint or face. Biometric scans are on track to replace passwords. No more capital letters, numbers, special character combinations to remember? Yes, please!

Fizzy, fruity milk… whaddya think?  I’m gonna have to pass on this. But it’s not meant for me. It’s supposed to make milk cool to teenagers. 😛

The sequel to IT now has a release date… almost exactly two years after the first film’s premiere.

United said they would address the issue of how to handle overbooked flights. And here’s what they’ve come up with… letting passengers bid on the price they’d accept to give up their seat.

I hope your Wednesday brings you joy.  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 09/26/17

At what age should teenagers stop trick-or-treating? One Canadian town says 16. They’ve even created a law that would fine older kids for trying to snag free candy on Halloween night.

Disney fans can now get married in gowns fit for a princess. (And there are matching tuxes for the guys too.) Unfortunately you can only get them in Japan.

Disney princess bridal gowns will make all your fairy tale wedding dreams come true
Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co
Disney princess bridal gowns will make all your fairy tale wedding dreams come true
Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co
Disney princess bridal gowns will make all your fairy tale wedding dreams come true
Disney Japan/Kuraudia Co

American Idol STILL doesn’t have their judging table full. There seems to be a fight between producers, who want Charlie Puth and the network, who wants Lionel Richie. They’d better hurry up and figure it out… auditions started weeks ago and contestants will need to audition for judges soon!

Fans of Peter Rabbit say this new movie starring James Corden has turned Beatrix Potter’s sweet bunny into a house-trashing, cocky jerk who twerks. It’s definitely not the story my grandma used to read us… what do you think? Fun or obnoxious?

This couple loves Costco so much, they just got married there. (I bet their wedding cake was awesome… I love Costco cakes!)

Have a great Tuesday!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 09/25/17

If you’re a fan of having your groceries delivered, this might sound even better… Walmart and smart home device maker August are teaming up to offer delivery right to your fridge when you’re not there.

Taco Bell is going upscale with their new restaurants. They won’t have drive-throughs, but they will have DJs and beer!

Body contouring has come to denim. Lee has revealed their Body Optix line which uses shading and highlighting to create body enhancing optical illusions.

Remember how General Mills make Trix healthier? Well a lot of people didn’t like ‘em, so they’re bringing back the old recipe too. So now you can choose between healthier new Trix…

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…and the classic version with Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 6.

It’s not even officially a book yet, but “The President is Missing,” the book being written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson has already been picked up by Showtime to be turned into a TV show.

There’s a new line of Hocus Pocus bath products. The line comes in two scents – It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus, which smells like apple cider donuts and Sanderson Sisters, which is a spicier blend of cranberry, apple, and pumpkin. You can get them at and if you use the code MAGIC you’ll save 10%.

Ew… gross! Pumpkin Spice Pizza is just not right. 😛

I hope the start to your week is a great one! Let’s go do a Monday!