The Wilde Ride 07/24/17

The T-Rex was probably much slower than we thought it was. According to new research and computer simulations from The University of Manchester, the size and weight of a T-Rex would have prevented it from moving any faster than about 12 miles per hour. Researchers say had it moved any faster than a sprint, it’s legs would have snapped. Ouch.

T-rex modelling of gait
University of Manchester

Rosé is everywhere this summer… even in your jelly.

Rosé Jelly is the Pantry Staple You Never Knew You Needed
Drunk Jelly

Is Ben Affleck getting pushed all the way out of his new Batman movie? The rumor is the new director (who replaced Ben as director so he could concentrate on his acting) might be wanting a younger actor to play the caped crusader.

This Wednesday, you can get free McDonald’s merchandise when you order food through the UberEats app. McDelivery goes world wide July 26th. (And that onesie looks pretty cozy.)

Big Mac, cheeseburger, fries picnic blanket image

Michael Jackson’s most famous animal companion, Bubbles the Chimp, now lives at the  Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Fla and he’s found a new passion – painting. His new paintings, along with pieces painted by his chimp friends, are being sold at auction at Frames USA & Art Gallery in Miami, Fla. through July 31 to benefit the center where they live. I love his work… isn’t it pretty? I think the one on black is my favorite.  

Bubbles' often likes to paint with bright colors.
Frames USA & Art Gallery
Bubbles work on display at a public gallery
Frames USA & Art Gallery
An chimp of many talents…
Frames USA & Art Gallery

I can only imagine the amount of time and patience that went into getting these totally CUTE photos. Check out “Brothers From Other Mothers.”

Warren Photographic
Warren Photographic
Warren Photographic

The least I can do is start off your Monday with some cute. 🙂  Have a great day. Catch ya later!  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 07/21/17


Sears just did something that bumped up stock prices in the midst of them closing down stores all over the country… they’re partnering with Amazon to sell Kenmore appliances.

There’s a new summer camp that teaches kids how to be social media stars. SocialStar Creator Camp teaches tweens and teens things like the importance of proper branding, how to monetize their social media accounts, how to deal with trolls and the basics of shooting and editing video.

Two new books from the Harry Potter universe are coming out this fall. The books are launching as part of the British Library’s “A History of Magic” exhibition which starts in October and runs through February of next year.

Hulu just signed a HUGE deal with 20th Century Fox to bring a bunch of new shows to the site… including Bones.

I hope your Friday is fantastic. Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you on Monday! Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 07/20/17

Everybody knows you don’t put ketchup on a Chicago hot dog…so Heinz came up with a way to ask Chicagoans to reconsider that rule for national hot dog day yesterday. They re-labeled their ketchup as “Chicago Dog Sauce” and people loved it! You can buy your own bottle at while supplies last. 

August 21, 2017 is the first total solar eclipse over the U.S. in 38 years and the first eclipse to travel coast to coast across the U.S. in 99 years… so get ready and get your viewing glasses now… unless you’re a welder, then you’re already set!

I don’t spend $800 on pretty shoes, no way I’m buying these crazy expensive Birkenstocks! Although those sterling silver knotted buckles are quite sharp…

patrik muff birkenstock_colorcorrected

It’s like a snickerdoodle and a donut hole had a baby and named it after a breakfast cereal. Check out the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites.

General Mills

I’m so happy to see that Paige is coming back to host Trading Spaces! Now if they can get Ty Pennington back, my home improvement show viewing world will be complete!

Is this week going by fast for you too? Or is it just me? Have a great Thursday! Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 07/19/17

Image may contain: 1 person
Happy Stick Out Your Tongue Day!!!

If you’ve been using artificial sweeteners to lose weight, you’ll want to read this. They most likely aren’t doing what you’re hoping they do… and can actually make you GAIN weight.

I don’t know if this thing is allowed on the highway but I’m considering building a studio on an island so I can drive through the water to work every day.

A wild lioness has been photographed nursing a baby leopard… the first time this has ever been seen. Check out the photos here!

Joop Van Der Linde/Ndutu Lodge

From one big hit show to another… Ed Sheeran is on fire! He’s got another huge guest appearance coming up. His animated self will be Lisa’s love interest in the 29th season of The Simpson’s.

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Imagine your wedding is just weeks away and you suddenly have nothing to wear. Brides-to-be who spent a lot of time and money finding their perfect bridal wear are being left with no wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses by Alfred Angelo, who closed the doors with no warning. Even some of the employees were left wondering what was going on.

Hope your Hump Day is happy! 😛 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 07/18/17

These flyover videos of Pluto and it’s largest moon, Charon, are just incredible. I never imagined as a little space geek that I’d get to see what Pluto actually looks like – but here we are. Thanks NASA!

Mark Cropp said his big facial tattoo has prevented him from finding work. When the internet heard his story, people started offering him jobs. He’s turned down 45 of them so far. Something tells me it’s not the tattoo that’s the problem.

If you wear contact lenses make sure you’re removing them before putting in another pair. This woman went in for cataract surgery and the surgeon found a pile of 27 contacts on her eyeball!!

Ryan Lochte agrees with every other person in the world… there’s no way Michael Phelps will win in a race against a shark. But we’ll find out for sure when Discovery’s Shark Week 2017 kicks off with “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” on July 23.

Disney has released behind the scenes footage from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, including video of the late Carrie Fisher’s final days of playing General Leia Organa.

If you drive a Honda Accord, take note of the recall going on.

For the first time, a lioness has been photographed nursing a baby leopard. These are beautiful photos. I hope the little baby beats the odds and survives into adulthood.

Have a great Tuesday!  Jennifer