The Wilde Ride for 07/28/17

You must be rich if you can forget that you have some artwork worth millions in your storage space! Alice Cooper had an Andy Warhol print worth millions just rolled up in a tube… but it’s now in his house.

Source: Alice Cooper

Good news, MS Paint fans! It’s not going away after all…it’s just moving.

We still love MS Paint written out in MS Paint

Are you a Coke Zero lover? There are a lot of people not happy about Coca-Cola’s announcement that they’re changing the recipeCoca-Cola announced this week that Coke Zero is getting a makeover, calling Coca-Cola Zero Sugar "the new and improved Coke Zero."

Mariah is has a new Christmas song out this season. It’s called “The Star” and it’s the title track of a new animated movie which tells the story of Jesus’ birth through the eyes of the animals who were there.

Yeah… good luck to this woman. If you want people to be the highest bidder for the honor of being in your wedding party, you might not get any bids!

I love this idea! Recyclable coffee cups made from coffee bean husks. They’re called Huskees. Huskee's cups are composed of a coffee husk-based ceramic resin

This is beautiful. James Vlahos created an AI “Dad Bot” so he could still talk to him after he died of cancer so he could talk to him whenever he wanted to. But creating the bot gave him so much more than an AI dad. (Yes, I’m crying right now…)

I hope your Friday is awesomely wonderful! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!  Jennifer

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