The Wilde Ride for 06/23/17

Crayola has teamed up with Sally Hansen to put out a nail polish line of class Crayola crayon colors. There are 12 new Insta-dri shades in the line… Razzmatazz, Cerulean, Scarlet, Vivid Violet, Denim, Wild Strawberry, Sunset Orange, Carnation Pink, White, Purple Heart, Granny Smith Apple, and Dandelion. The new Crayola nail polishes come out next month and will retail for $5 a piece.

This man was only 18 back in 1865… but was already quite a catch. I hope he found a nice girl to settle down with. His ad, looking for a wife, is old-fashioned sweet. He wants to buy her hoopskirts… awww.

Source: Reddit

Good news… gas prices are at a 12 year low. That very rarely happens in the summer… so enjoy this little savings surprise!

Oh my gosh!!! The first video had my heart in my throat. I’m so thankful for these kind people that helped these dogs out.

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The Wilde Ride for 06/22/17

Amazon is testing out a new service called Prime Wardrobe that lets you pick out up to 15 items to try on at home before you buy.  Then if you keep 3 or 4 items you get a 10% discount… keep 5 or more and your discount grows to 20%. If you’re a Prime member you can start using it today.

German Airliner Lufthansa has come up with a pretty cool way booking empty seats on planes… they’re offering surprise vacations for cheap. The program is called Lufthansa Surprise…check it out here!

What position do you sleep in? Find out what it means about your personality here.

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The Wilde Ride for 06/21/17

Mattel has launched 15 brand new Ken dolls with various skin tones, body types and hairstyles… including the man bun. It’s part of Mattel’s #TheDollEvolves campaign.

A 10-year-old boy from McKinney Texas has invented a device that could save lives. It alerts parents and authorities if a baby is left in a hot car and also blows cold air until help arrives.

The creator of the Roomba robot vacuum has created a weed whacking robot… meet Tertill.

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The Wilde Ride for 06/20/17

Today is the longest day of the year… the summer solstice. You can celebrate with The Science Guy and Planetary Society CEO, Bill Nye, and the Bad Astronomer himself, Phil Plait.

Don’t be surprised if you see someone at the pool or beach pouring Coca Cola on their skin. Coke is apparently the new way to get a tan. But doctor’s do NOT recommend it. Neither do I. Gross… you’d be a sticky bee magnet.

The Girl Scouts have just announced 18 new cybersecurity badges. They’ve partnered with Palo Alto Networks to release the badges over the next two years, with the first one coming out in September 2018. Younger scouts will learn about things like data privacy, cyberbullying and how to protect themselves online…all things kids need to know these days! While older girls will focus on on developing coding skills, learning about white hat hacking and creating firewalls.

Shark Week is kicking off in a big way…the Discovery Channel has teamed up with Michael Phelps to get the week started with a race. Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement to swim against a great white shark. “Phelps vs. Shark: Great gold vs. Great White” will air July 23 as part of Shark Week.


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The Wilde Ride for 06/19/17

You car horn is so one dimensional… so an engineer has created a new car horn that he says should be standard…the courtesy horn.

These days when a lot of companies aren’t given raises, they’re giving employees the next best thing…free time off by way of summer Fridays.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office has released their full report of Carrie Fisher’s death and said she died of “sleep apnea and other causes.”

This guy will be having Father’s Day cards rolling in for years to come!

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