The Wilde Ride for 05/31/17

If you are planning a wedding… think long and hard about doing it on a holiday. Here’s a list of the rudest holidays on which to plan your wedding day.

A woman is suing the makers of Jelly Belly Sport Beans for “tricking her” with “fancy phrasing” leading her to believe the jelly beans she was buying contained no sugar.

A male date palm tree named Methuselah that sprouted from a 2,000-year-old seed is now a mature, 10 foot tall tree… and he can make dates now.

Another artist upset about “Fearless Girl” is trying to take her down. This guy decided to artistically defile her with a statue of a dog peeing on her leg. Classy…

Source: Artist Alex Gardega

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The Wilde Ride for 05/30/17

Here are some movies leaving Netflix in June. See ’em while you can!

Wow… what a curmudgeonly neighbor. He could have hurt those kids. I hope they find him!

Fidget spinners are so popular that they’ve been turned into cookies. Clearly Cookies, a Dallas based custom cookie company, has created a cookie fidget spinner. The cookies come in two different versions, spinning versions are $6 and non-spinning, $4.50.

Spicy sweet Skittles and Starburst are coming later this year… what do you think?

Are you good at cuddling cats? A vet in Dublin is looking for you. Apply for the job here or check out their facebook page by clicking the pic below. 

‘Just Cats’ clinic in Dublin, Ireland

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The Wilde Ride for 05/26/17

Happy Friday!


There’s a consumer alert about Graco car seats. If you have the Graco My Ride 65 convertible child seat, there’s a recall you need to know about. 

Hackers have come up with way to trick the Samsung Galaxy S8’s iris scan. Keep this in mind if you have one.

I can’t get enough of these pink pineapple pictures.(Say that 3 times fast!)

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Got an ant problem? Here are a few non-toxic ways to solve it.

If Dwayne Johnson does run for president he already has a running mate picked out, Tom Hanks.

I hope you have a great weekend. Don’t forget to raise a glass to those who’ve died while serving our country.  Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 05/25/17

Health experts say the new “healthy” charcoal latte trend isn’t really that healthy… especially if you’re on medication.

It’s got to be one of the most unique proposals ever… a man placed his girlfriend’s engagement ring in a very weird place so she’d be sure to find it.

Before you buy sunscreen this summer… check out this report. Make sure you’re getting what you think you are!

Season 7 is coming… July 16th.

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The Wilde Ride for 05/24/17

Pink pineapples are a thing now! How pretty are these?

It’s not Guinness official yet… but the Dragon’s Breath pepper is the new world’s hottest. But don’t eat one… it could kill you.

A lot of food in today’s show… Did you know that Amazon has banana stands at its Seattle headquarters where they give out free bananas to anyone who wants one? In the past two years, they’ve given away more than 1.7 million bananas to staff, guests and passersby.

This is quite the father/son project… they turned a car into a working Transformer!

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