The Wilde Ride for 03/30/17

The Northern Lights get a lot of attention but check out these gorgeous shots of the Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights.

Feeling a cold coming on? Maybe the “medicine ball” at Starbucks can help.

Have you seen the new trailer for IT? It looks so creepy!!

Glad to see that Ken Jeong isn’t letting that medical degree go to waste now that he’s a big time actor. He’s doling out free medical advice to Twitter users in a way only Dr. Ken can.

This park looks super cool! Who else wants to go?

So… now we have to deal with “April Fools Day creep” too? Looks like Burger King is trying to get a jump on everyone else’s pranks. Be careful what you post this weekend… the internet is about to go prank crazy.

You do this Thursday like a Thursday has never been done!!  Jennifer

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