What’s Going On for 03-13-2017

The Monday after gaining an hour of daylight… but losing an hour of sleep.

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How beautiful is this moment? A guy and his cat at the piano. ♥

The “Beauty and the Beast” Belle doll put out by Disney looks a lot like Justin Bieber. But this guy transformed her into the person she should look like… Check out his improved version which he sold on eBay for $3,400! 

Hey baby, what’s your sign? Danger? Never mind…

FBI Shares Statistics: Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Dangerous?

Could you wear any one color all the time?
This lady only wears pink… and her house is pink too!
Meet Kitten Kay Sera, the Pink Lady of Hollywood.

I want to sleep under the Aurora Borealis in these cool cabins designed by a photographer to get the best view. They all face north.

Yeah… yeah… it’s Monday.  You can do this!   Jennifer

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