The Wilde Ride for 07/02/2020

If you see a wild animal don’t get close to it… even for an awesome photo!

Diamond rain could fall on Neptune and Uranus.

Today is World UFO Day. So to celebrate, watch UFO movies, talk with your friends about the possibility of UFOs or alien life, and look up in the sky, because you never know…

Beavis and Butt-Head is returning to TV thanks to a new deal between creator Mike Judge and Comedy Central.

That’s it for this week. Taking a little break tomorrow for a mini 4th of July “holiday” which will involve finally getting my taxes done. YAY!! Happy 4th! See ya Monday. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 07/01/2020

Cirque du Soleil just let thousands of employees go and filed for bankruptcy.

Amazon Prime is now also offering “Watch Party” which allows you to stream a show or movie with up to 99 of your friend.

Here’s something new for summers at home- boozy ice cream and sorbet.

Good news Ozark fans! Netflix is sending the series off with a two-part extended season 4.

A newly discovered spider has markings that look like the smile of the Joker, so scientists named it after Joaquin Phoenix.

The EU says Americans are still too risky to let into Europe yet.

If you have a kid who loves nature and is sad about missing summer camp, this is a pretty cool alternative during a pandemic. Coyote Peterson is hosting a virtual camp.

So, are you doing anything special for the 4th? I plan to finally get my tax stuff together… yay. I’m counting the days until that fun event! 😂 See ya tomorrow. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 06/30/2020

So sorry to see that Carl Reiner passed away last night.

If you buy a new iPhone, you might notice a couple things missing from the box.

If you share your space with a centipede, it might help you get rid of other pests living there.

Prince’s 1987 album ‘Sign O’ The Times’ is going to be remastered and reissued with 63 unheard tracks, rare photos, handwritten notes and more.

Growing stuff in your backyard makes you as happy as some “workout” activities.

An AI robot named Erica just nabbed the lead role in a sci-fi movie.

Hope you’re having a happy Tuesday. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 06/29/2020

Disney theme park lovers will have a wait a bit longer to visit the parks.

Gone With the Wind has returned to HBO Max, with a prologue discussing the racism inherent in the film and its cultural legacy.

Kellogg’s has created a new mashup cereal that includes Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops.


A cuddle seal robot called PARO could help you out when you need some comfort in these times of social distancing.

Does Jupiter’s moon Europa host life? Researchers believe it did… and still might.

Don’t be a doomscroller! It’s bad for your mental health.

Did you know that the Rocky Horror castle is a luxury hotel where you can stay overnight and enjoy a screening of the film?

Another work week is underway. I hope it’s a short holiday week for you. See you tomorrow. <3 Jennifer