The Wilde Ride for 06/02/2021

The Wilde Ride blog is being retired. I was originally using it as a way to give more information about what was on the air during each show, but it’s a lot of work to maintain it and no one is really looking at it. Most days it gets zero views. So, I’ll just drop this note here for anyone who may come across it. Chances are no one will notice or care. I’m cool with that. No pity party here. I’m just working smarter, not harder, these days- so the blog is done. At least for now… Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 06/01/2021

The Box Office is gaining strength again thanks to “A Quiet Place 2.”

Look 3 years younger in just 8 weeks with this scientifically proven method.

Burger King is going meatless. (In one location for a limited time.)

Tardigrades and baby squids are heading to the ISS this week.

“Charlie Bit Me” will not be deleted from youtube after all… thanks to the buyer of the NFT.

A fossil in Germany is the “original turducken.”

If you hate the sound of your own voice, this is probably why.

That’s all for now. See you tomorrow. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 05/27/2021

I’ve noticed that my past few blogs haven’t been viewed by anyone. This doesn’t upset me, as I assume you’re just enjoying every break of the show and don’t feel the need to come here to read about them. But it is a lot of work to do for no one. In light of this, I’m taking today off (when it comes to the blog… I’m still on the air.) If you see this, you’re one of the few that shares my secret. 🤫

The Wilde Ride for 05/26/2021

Some female students (and their parents) at a Florida high school are upset that their yearbook photos were altered to cover up their chests and shoulders. Yet the boys’ swim team speedo shots were published unedited.

Riley O'Keefe
This is considered “immodest?” A boy in the same top wouldn’t have had his photo altered.

Netflix is getting into gaming.

Want to learn things but don’t have much time to read or listen to podcasts? Check out Blinkist.

This ice cream shop owner came up with a way to end the labor shortage there… pay people enough that they don’t need another job.

And check out this little timelapse video I made of the Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse this morning.

That’s it for now. See you tomorrow! <3 Jennifer