The Wilde Ride for 03/03/2021

This is as amazing as it is creepy. The website My Heritage can animate your old (or new) family photos. This video was created from a still photo of my grandmother. The one everyone said I looked like. I didn’t see it until I grew up.

And here are some famous people, recreated by the AI.

Amelia Earhart in 1937, standing under the nose of her Lockheed Model 10-E Electra monoplane.
Amelia Earhart

An immersive Cherokee language program is paying people to learn to speak it so the language doesn’t die out.

The Jorunna Parva sea slug is having a moment in Japan (and beyond) right now because of its likeness to a cute bunny.

cute bunny sea slug

Taking Opera lessons is helping some longhaulers heal their lungs after COVID-19.

Some people with facial fillers are having a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.

That’s a wrap on a Wednesday. See you tomorrow. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 03/02/2021

A man used the “lucky numbers” on his fortune cookie fortune to play the lottery and won $500,000.

A yard sale find that was purchased for $35 turned out to be an ancient artifact, worth up to half a million dollars.

Rare blue-and-white bowl from China's Ming dynasty to be auctioned at Sotheby's New York.

A cat who disappeared 15 years ago is back with her person thanks to her microchip.

Thinking of taking your tent or van on a road for a camping trip? The Van Life app could help you find resources, campsites, and even fellow campers.

I loved Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Golden Globes opening. They hold nothing back!

That’s it for now. Catch ya tomorrow! <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 03/01/2021

The Johnson & Johnson one-dose COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for use by the FDA.

Here’s some more good news. Lady Gaga’s dognapped dogs have been returned. And the dogwalker who was shot when they were taken is expected to recover.

Danny Elfman returned to the rock world when COVID-19 shut down his orchestra concerts and film soundtrack work.

Are you the ultimate Bond fan? To celebrate the release of the 25th James Bond film, the website NerdBear is going to pay one fan a grand to watch all the previous films.

If your dog isn’t on this list, they should be! Every dog is cute in my book! (But I can’t help but think our little Lucky is the cutest.)

That scruffy face… that tongue!! I love this guy.

Our (very) early ancestors could have swung from tree branches like Tarzan.

Have you wondered where Starman is these days? The dummy riding in Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster is about to make its 3 trip around the sun.

That’s a Monday blog. Hope you have a great week. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 02/26/2021

The USPS is getting new, updated vehicles that include climate control.

Paul McCartney says he doesn’t have diaries that tell the story of his life but what he does have are decades of lyrics, so that’s what he’s using to tell his story in a new memoir.

A woman in Copenhagen says stopping her facial hair grooming allows her to focus on the things she needs to get done and not on how she looks doing them.

Danish woman Eldina Jaganjac is done with shaving her upper lip back and trimming her unibrow to cope with freaky looks from men.

Google has just added new updates to some of its apps.

Birds look at us just like we look at them and they might even be able to recognize us. I don’t know if the birds I see often know who I am, but they’re definitely checking me out. Here’s a shot I took of a red-tailed hawk that locked eyes with me as it flew over my head.

That’s it for today and a wrap on this week. Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you again on Monday. <3 Jennifer

The Wilde Ride for 02/25/2021

Tiger Woods is recovering after his car accident on Tuesday.

The infamous painting “The Scream” has a penciled statement hidden in its brushstrokes and now we know that Edvard Munch wrote it himself.

The Berlin Zoo is celebrating the birth of the first gorilla born there in 16 years.

And speaking of babies, check out this puppy born with 6 legs.

Skipper, a border collie and Australian shepherd mix, was born naturally on February 16 during a big snowstorm.

Trace Adkins is celebrating 25 years with a virtual concert. There are many ticket packages to choose from here.

And some good news from Mars! Plus new video and audio of Perseverance’s landing.

That’s a wrap on today’s show. See you tomorrow. <3 Jennifer